1. Where are you located?

We are located at 730 North Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ 85281. On the southwest corner of Mill Ave and Washington Street just north of Tempe Town Lake and the 202 Freeway. MAP

2. Where can I park?

The Marquee Theatre has limited on-site parking for $10.00 per vehicle. Additional parking is available at the high rise parking structure located to the north of The Marquee Theatre (west of Mill Ave and north of Washington Street). Prices vary at this lot.

3. How do I buy tickets for your shows?

Marquee Theatre accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Normal online, phone and box office processing fees apply for all sales.

Artists are subject to change without notice.

No refunds or exchanges are allowed unless headliner cancels.

Available through www.marqueetheatreaz.com or www.ticketweb.com

You have the choice to use TICKETFAST or WILL CALL.

TICKETFAST orders allow you to print your tickets NOW.

WILL CALL orders must be picked up at the Marquee Theatre box office. Once you’ve ordered your tickets, simply bring a photo ID, your credit card and confirmation # to the box office on the night of the show and we’ll have your tickets waiting! You may also pick up your tickets in advance at the Marquee Theatre box office during our normal business hours.

Once you’ve ordered your tickets, simply bring a photo ID, your credit card and confirmation # to the box office on the night of the show and we’ll have your tickets waiting! You may also pick up your tickets in advance at the Marquee Theatre box office during normal business hours.

We get hundreds of calls a day, so we appreciate your patience. If you hear a busy signal or get the answering machine, please try again at a later time.

If you would like to purchase tickets in person, they are available at the following outlets.

The Marquee Theatre
730 North Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ
Phone: (480) 829-0607; (480) 829-1300

4. What are your box office hours?

Box office hours vary.  Please call ahead.

5. How can I be guaranteed tickets for a big show?

Join the Marquee Theatre mailing list. Doing this will allow you to receive email alerts about all upcoming shows, presales, contests, rewards. Be a member of that particular band’s fan club. Most fan clubs hold a limited amount of tickets to their events.

6. Someone else is buying me tickets on-line, how can I pick them up at Will-Call?

This can be a friend or child of yours. If you are picking up someone else’s tickets, this is what you will need in order to pick them up:
1. A copy of the original purchaser’s confirmation email
2. A copy of the original purchaser’s picture ID i.e. driver’s license, school ID, etc. (front and back)
3. A note from the purchaser stating he is allowing you to pick up their tickets.
4. Make sure letter has signature verifying that you may pick up their tickets, for example, “(Your name) has my permission to pick up my tickets.”

7. I purchased tickets online or over the phone and had my tickets placed at Will Call, when can I pick them up?

You can pick up WILL CALL tickets prior to event date or day of event at the Marquee Theatre box office during normal box office hours.

8. I lost my tickets / forgot my tickets at home. Help!

Online and phone orders can be processed by TICKETFAST where you can print your tickets upon finishing your order. If you lose or forget your tickets, you can have them re-printed by showing your confirmation number, credit card and ID at the Marquee Theatre box office.
If you chose WILL CALL for your online or phone order or bought tickets at the Marquee Theatre box office, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you are aware; your tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and need to be treated like cash if lost. If you lose your tickets, there is nothing we can do. If you forgot those tickets at home, turn around and pick them up.

9. What does sold out mean?

It means there are no more tickets available to see the show.

10. What does GA mean?

GA stands for general admission standing room only and means that there is no assigned seating or areas of any kind. Patrons who arrive to the Marquee Theatre first will get closest to the stage unless you purchase early entry that allows you to enter prior to GA.

11. Are there seats inside the Marquee Theatre?

The majority of concerts are general admission standing room only events. Some events will have reserved seating available and will be noted on the ticket purchase page in the show information. For those shows, the ticket page will show a full map and allow you to choose your seat. We also have limited seating in the balcony for patrons who are 21 years old+ for an additional charge. If you have a disability or injury that requires special accommodations please let us know and we will do everything we can to make you comfortable.

12. I am in a wheelchair or have a disability. Can you accommodate?

Our staff will always do everything we can to make sure that every patron is comfortable. Our building is ADA compliant.

13. Can I smoke inside the Marquee Theatre?

We do not allow any type of smoking inside. We do have a smoking patio adjacent to our lobby area where cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor pipes, cigars are allowed to be smoked.

14. How old do I have to be to see a show at the Marquee Theatre?

In almost all cases, our shows are All Ages, in which case you will not need your ID to get into the show but must be accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian. Some shows we have to be strict regarding the age limit so please email donny@luckymanonline.com to get consent to attend with a parent.

15. Why do I need ID? I’m not going to drink.

Most of our shows are All Ages, in which case you will not need your ID to get into the show. But, on occasion when events are 16+, 18+ or 21+, proper State Of Arizona ID is required. No school ID’s will be allowed.

16. I am a parent and am extremely concerned about letting my child go to a show there. Make me feel better.

Feel free to email tom@luckymanonline.com and he will review our safety/ security measures to ensure you feel comfortable. We realize only you can decide if going to a concert is appropriate for your child. You can always stop down and take a look around and see the Marquee Theatre for yourself during normal business hours, or even better, share the excitement of going to a concert with your child. We are an All Ages venue and have very strict wristband policies and strictly enforce the legal drinking age.

17. Do you have a bar inside?

Yes! We have four full service bars inside the Marquee Theatre. We have one in the main auditorium to the left of the stage, one in the lobby, one in the balcony and occasionally one on our smoking patio.

18. What is your photo policy?

Our policy is that you are allowed to bring in cameras. However, that may differ from the band’s policy and the band’s policy wins. Almost every band is ok with small digital cameras or point and shoots. Almost no band is ok with professional grade photographers without prior approval. We do not allow video cameras, tablets or iPads to be used as cameras.

19. What is your bag policy? What about a coat check?

The bag policy for future events limits patron bags to one (1) large clear bag – a one-gallon Ziploc style bag or a clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bag that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. No purses, backpacks, clutches allowed.

Also, we do not have a coat check.

20. Can I rent out the Marquee Theatre for a private party or wedding?

You certainly can. Go to our RENTAL page under INFO on our website or email james@luckymanonline.com for more information.

21. Do you have an ATM?

Yes we do, located in the lobby. Please note, the ATM machines do have a processing fee for cash advances.

22. Do you serve food?

Yes, we serve pizza and or hot dogs at most events.

23. I am coming in from out of town for your show, where should I stay?

The cheapest hotel would be the Best Western on Scottsdale Road just south of Curry Road. Additional hotels are available in downtown Tempe (Marriott, Tempe Mission Palms, etc.)

24. What is your re-admission policy?

Re-entry is not allowed. We will obviously make exceptions if a special situation occurs.

25. Do you have a dress code?

Clothing is required, the style is up to you but no gang apparel.

26. Where can I get some cigarettes?

Occasionally, Headquarters Smoke shop will sell cigarettes. But remember, there is no smoking inside the venue but we do have a smoking patio adjacent to the lobby.

27. Can I bring my gun, brass knuckles, knife, wallet chain, carabiner, gum, sharpies, drugs, drug paraphernalia, selfie tickets, outside food and drinks to the concert?

Safety is our number one priority at our events. By entering the venue, you agree to allow venue security do a full body pat down, use metal detectors, have you empty your pockets, open their purses, et. We want all patrons to have an enjoyable time at the Marquee Theatre…

But, due to the extent that some of these items can be used as weapons, we cannot have them in the theatre.

You would be surprised what some people try to bring in to shows…
We do not allow any items / actions that could interfere with public safety.
When you come to a show you are always given the option of returning such items to your car, but if you elect not to do so, we take the items and do not return them, no matter how much crap you give us.

Also, we do not allow gum because of the amount of used gum that winds up on our floors, windows, walls.

Also, we do not allow sharpies since our bathroom stalls get marked up routinely with obscene and or gang related language.

We do not allow drugs for obvious reasons.

We also do not allow selfie sticks, outside food and drinks.

28. Will you call me a taxi?

Absolutely! Ask anyone at the main entrance and we will make it a priority. Cab service in Tempe is reliable and safe. We normally have Uber, Lyft or local taxi companies in a staging area at the south side of our parking lot under the freeway at the conclusion of most events.

29. Is there public transportation available to patrons?

Yes, there is a light rail stop about 100 yards to the northwest of the Marquee Theatre on Washington Street west of Mill Ave. There is also a bus stop on Mill Ave south of Washington Street. Also, on occasion, pedal taxis are on site at the conclusion of events.

30. When will the show end?

Ah, if only we had a crystal show time ball. The start and end of a set is at the discretion of the performing act (although we contract them for a minimum set length – anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the act). This is a question we usually cannot answer. For some events that run late, our curfew for events to end is usually 1:30am and all patrons must exit venue by 2:00am.

31. Have you seen my husband? He’s 6 foot, gray hair, red shirt…

It is difficult for us to locate people in large crowds. Unless there is a true emergency, we are unable to page customers or make announcements. You may want to prearrange a meeting place with your group (i.e., next to merch booth at 10:15pm) or try setting your cell phone to “vibrate” so that you can be contacted during the show if necessary.

32. What is the deal with the balcony?

The balcony gives patrons a unique experience of watching the concert from above the main floor. The balcony is for patrons who are 21 years of age and older only. We have a limited amount of GA seats and standing room only. Please note, the balcony is priced higher than the main floor.

33. Do you have any loyalty program, rewards program, etc.?

We are in the process of reviewing various programs that we hope to roll out January 1, 2018.

34. What time can I line up for a show?

For most events, we do not allow lineup on our property prior to 5pm. Does this rule stop patrons from lining up prior to 5pm? No but we do not want people sitting on a curb for hours. If you do choose to line up early, we do provide a couple tents out front for shade, as well as, coolers with free water.

35. Do you have early entry available for shows so I don’t have to wait in line?

You can buy an early entry ticket for most shows that allow you to enter prior to anyone lined up. You can purchase early entry when buying your ticket online, over the phone or in person at the Marquee Theatre box office. This has limited availability.

36. What if my question is not listed?

If you have any other question we have not listed, feel free to call the Marquee Theatre box office during normal business hours.

Thanks for being a music fan and we hope to see you at an upcoming event.

Marquee Theatre Management